Update:   Nov 29, 2016
To all Houston area motocross racers that have participated in the Houston Holeshot Championship Series since 2008, we'd like to THANK YOU for your participation, support and kindness during our series.  In the last few weeks many of you have called, texted, and emailed requesting information about the coming 2017 race season . . .

 So here it is . . . 

after a lot of struggle, intense analysis, energy, emotions, and calculating, Herman and I have made the very difficult decision NOT to do the series in 2017.  The cons just outweigh the pros for us.  It primarily comes down to the fact that we have to devote our time and attention to Crown Trophy business.

Once again, we'd like to express our deepest appreciation to you for being a part of our race program.

Posted March 29, 2016
If you have not received to trophy yet, we will have them with us at the Revenge race this weekend May 1st at Rio Bravo, and on May 15 at 3 Palms.  You can contact the good folks at Crown Trophy in Stafford to arrange pick up at their store as well.  Their # is 281-495-7600.


Posted March 29, 2016
We will have the trophies available for the winners of the 2016 HoleshotChampionship on SUNDAY, APRIL 3rd during practice at Rio.  We'll only have the trophies - contingency certificates may not be ready yet..

Rings have been ordered - still no confirmed delivery date yet.

Posted December 27, 2015
Online entry is open for Round 1 of the 2016 AMA Houston Holeshot Championship. 

Click HERE to sign up now!

Rd 1 -- Jan 10 - Bel Ray Action Sports Park, Conroe, TX 
         Bel Ray products  and more for holeshot winners!

Round 1 of the Houston Holeshot Championship will be run concurrently with the makeup round of the King of Three Palms series on the GP Track on Jan 10th.  Some of the classes don't match up exactly, but we'll get that worked out for both series.

Hope to see you there!

Posted December 21, 2015
The 2016 AMA Houston Holeshot Championship REVISED dates:

Rd 1 -- Jan 10 - Bel Ray Action Sports Park, Conroe, TX 

         Bel Ray products  and more for holeshot winners!

Rd 2 -- Jan 24 - Splendora MX Park, Splendora, TX

Rd 3 -- Feb 7  - Rio Bravo MX Park, Houston, TX

Rd 4 --  Feb 14 - Ultimate MX Park, Alvin, TX

             DOUBLE POINTS!! 


             Valentines for all of our sweethearts!

Rain Dates:  Jan 17, Jan 31 and Mar 20

Posted November 29, 2015

The 2016 AMA Houston Holeshot Championship dates:

Rd 1 January 10 - Splendor MX Park, Splendora, TX

Rd 2 January 24 - Ultimate MX Park, Alvin, TX

Rd 3 February 7  - Bel Ray Action Sports Park (3 Palms)

Rd 4 February 14 - Rio Bravo MX Park, Houston, TX

Locatiojns are PRELIMINARY and are subject to change.

Posted October 12, 2015;  Noon
Lots of folks have asked about the 2016 Houston Holeshot Championship, and we appreciate the interest!  We are working on some really big things for the series.   Hope to have the schedule lined up ASAP.............  We have four dates locked in, but we are still working out locations and which tracks and when.

STAY TUNED . . . . .   More to come soon.

Posted January 9, 2015;  7:00pm

Round 2 at Ultimate Motocross Park is rained out!!!  
The make up date for this one is February 8th.

REVISED 2015 Schedule:
Rd 3 - Jan 18 at Cycle Ranch MX Park
Rd 1 - Jan 25 at Bel Ray Action Sports Park (3 Palms)
Rd 4 - Feb 1 at Rio Bravo MX 
Rd 2 - Feb 8 at Ultimate MX Park
Rd 5 - Feb 15 at Splendora MX 
           Mar 15 - Rain Date

Posted December 27, 2014;  11:15am

Round 1 at Bel Ray Action Sports Park is rained out !
Make up date is January 25th.

​We'll kick off the series on Jan 11 at Ultimate MX Park.  Registration is open now..


Posted October 29, 2014

We met with the track owners on Wednesday Oct 29, and have finalized the schedule for the 2015 AMA Houston Holeshot Championship series.    More details to come, but we'll give you updates here on a regular basis.

2015 Schedule:
Rd 1 - Dec 28 at Bel Ray Action Sports Park (3 Palms)
Rd 2 - Jan 11 at Ultimate MX Park
Rd 3 - Jan 18 at Cycle Ranch MX Park
           Jan 25 - Rain Date
Rd 4 - Feb 1 at Rio Bravo MX
           Feb 8 - Rain Date
Rd 5 - Feb 15 at Splendora MX 
           Mar 15 - Rain Date

Posted October 20, 2014

We are working on getting dates and locations locked down.  We'd like to THANK Wild West Motoplex for confirmation that they will, once again, be our title sponsor!
Current schedule (subject to change):
Rd 1 - Dec 28
Rd 2 - Jan 18
Rd 3 - Feb 1
Rd 4 - Feb 15
Rd 5 - Mar 8

Posted JUNE 20, 2014

The rings are in!!  We will be at the amateur Reional Championship at 3 palms on Saturday and Sunday, June 28th & 29th.  If we don't see you there, contact Herman Teale at Crown Trophy in Stafford (281.495.7600) to arrange pick up.

Posted March 19, 2014

B&C Round will be re-scheduled again to April 19th -- Yes, that's a Saturday DAY race - the day before Easter.  We hate to have to do that, but there are just too many conflicts to do the double header we were hoping for .

Posted March 8, 2014 - 1:00pm

It is never easy to cancel, postpone, re-schedule or move a race date.  We realize It impacts everyone’s schedules, but it’s the thing to do this time.    With all the ice and rain we got earlier this week, B&C MX Park is still suffering from too much water.    The track is ready, but if we get one more drop it’s going to be a dangerous mud fest.  B&C and the promoters want the first race back at B&C to be the best experience possible, so we have made the decision to postpone tomorrow’s race to next Sunday, MARCH 16th.

​Registration will be open at 6:30am and we will start racing at 9:30.

Posted January 27 2014

CRAZY SOUTH TEXAS WEATHER !!  Hope everyone stays safe during this freezing rain and cold we have coming up.

Remember, Online Entry for Round 3 & 4 is now open.  It will close Thursday evening before each event.   Save $5 per class by signing up online as soon as you can

Interesting news for Round 5 at Cycle Ranch -- we will be having a bonus moto on Saturday evening (Feb 22) on the night track.  Race any 2 of the 3 motos (one Saturday, two on sunday on the day track) for your overall finish for Sunday Feb 23rd.  Saturday night is not required, but is a good way to add series points no matter how you finish.

​Posted January 16, 2014

Online Entry for Round 2 closes TODAY.

Posted 2pm, NEW YEAR'S DAY

Class structure update:   85cc 12-15 does include 150cc Honda, but it MUST be a small wheel (17" front wheel
Click here to download updated CLASS LIST

Posted 2pm, Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Class structure and fee structure is being submitted to the track owners for review and approval.  The series will be AMA sanctioned, so get your membership online to avoid delays at registration:  JOIN AMA HERE.

   RD 1 - JAN 5 - 3 PALMS
   RD 2 - JAN 19 - ULTIMATE
             JAN 26 - RAIN DATE
   RD 3 - FEB 2 - COWBOY 
             FEB 16 - RAIN DATE
   RD 5 - FEB 23 - CYCLE RANCH
   RD 6 - MAR 9 - B&C Motocross Park
             MAR 16 - RAIN DATE
   RD 7 - MAR 23 - RIO BRAVO

Posted 11am, Saturday, October 26th, 2013

We had an incredible thing happen last night!!!  ALL the track owners in District 20 got together to talk about the calendars and the upcoming events in 2014, and we are so excited to be kicking off the 2014 race season as the first series of the year.  More exciting new to come!!!

We will be updating the calendar and series information soon!

Posted 7pm, Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Thanks to everyone who participated and to all our sponsors who made this year's Houston Holeshot Championship so much fun.   The trophy parts have been received and are in production.  The artwork approval process has begun for the rings -- looks like 8 weeks for delivery.  We'll keep you posted on that.  

The contingencies are being collected, and we are HOPING to have everything ready for distribution at Rd 2 of the South Texas Night Series, Saturday, April 13th at Ultimate motocross Park.

Posted 7am, Thursday, March 7th​

These are exiciting times for the Houston Motocross community with all the tracks working together to prevent overlappying schedules.
In an effort to prevent an overlap in scheduling, we will be moving the final round of the Houston Holeshot Championship at B&C from March 16th  and 17th to March 23rd and 24th.   Three Palms will be holding their annual Spring Classic race -- 3 motos, 3 different tracks on March 16th & 17th.  Thanks to Emil at 3 Palms and Kevin at B&C for working together on this.

Saturday                               SAT FEES
Sign up 4-6pm                       Gate Fee $5
Practice 6pm                         Race Entry $20 (one moto only)
Racing 7pm      )             

Sunday                               SUN FEES
Sign up 6:30am                     Gate Fee $10
Practice 8:30am                    Race Entry $35 (two moto format)
Racing 9:30am


Gate Fee $15
Race Entry $20 for Sat/$35 for Sunday ($55 for 3 moto format)

    RD 5 - March 10th at Ultimate (double points for moto 2) 
    RD 6 - March 23 & 24TH at B&C (total of 3 motos to earn points -                 one on saturday night on the front track, 2 on the day track                 on Sunday)
Mar 16 & 17 -- Spring racing at 3 palms

Mar 23 - Houston Holeshot Championship at B&C (one moto on the night track for bonus points)

Mar 24th -- Final Round of the Houston Holeshot Championship at B&C on the day track (2 moto format)

Posted 7pm, Monday Feb 17th

197 entries at 3 palms and a beautiful day for racing!  Thanks to Emil and his crew for a fun day in the sun.  It got a little windy, but we made it through.

Online entry is now open for Round 5 and 6.  Remember the second moto at Ultimate on March 10th is double points, and we are having one nite moto on Saturday March 16th at B&C.  At the Round 6, your overall will be based on the best 2 of 3 motos.

Posted 6:15 pm Sunday Feb 3rd

We had a blast out at Splendora today.  Good to see 180 entries for Round 3.

THANKS to all our sponsors who came to hang out and have some fun too --  Hush Puppy Express, Derenaline Cycles, Punk Star, EBR, Gravett Racing.

FYI - Scorekeepers ink will not be scoring the event at 3 palms, so check the 3 palms website for early entries.   Linda will be at the event to answer questions and deliver holeshots though!  See everyone there!

Posted 7:00PM Wednesday, Jan 23rd

This weekend Jan. 27th will be the makeup round at Cowboy Badlands.  Saturday practice will be from 10am to 4pm.  Camping available all weekend.  No practice Friday, however gates will be open at 3pm for campers attenting this weekend's event.

We would to thank Danny, his family, and crew for a wonderful weekend at Rio Bravo.  Great weather, great racing, and great fun.  Those weekends are rare and make for awesome race memories that last a life time.  Good Job!!!!

We also like to thank all of the Holeshot sponsors for contributing to the Series.  We've added some new Holeshot Sponsors to the list: EBR Performance, Gravetts Racing, Drenaline Cycles, and Punk Star  If you are a business owner and would like to sponsor some classes please see us at the Score Tower for details or send us an email at the following info@scorekeepersink.com.

To our racers:   we are looking for race pics from the Series to post on the this web site.  If you are interested in having a pic of you posted please send it to info@scorekeepersink.com.  We want to spot light your hard work.  We are looking for high resolution pics and no pics with photographer's watermarks.

Posted 11:30pm  Wednesday, Jan 9th 

Everybody is wondering about whether we are racing or not.  We have had a lot of rain the last 2 days.  We are being optimistic about getting the 1st round of the Series off and running.

As we all know the Cowboy Badlands facility can handle rain.  The pit area doesn't turn into a muddy mess, the back track is all sand making for an awesome track to race


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